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F. A. Q.

Q: How do I light my wooden wick candle?

Light the wick at the base, where it meets the wax. It may take a few attempts, but that’s why you love our products! They’re all natural with no accelerators, so it may take a few seconds longer to get them lit.

Q: My Candle won’t stay lit!?

Our wicks are 100% Cedar with no accelerators, so it may be hard to get the candle going. All you need to do is scrape a bit of wax from the top of the candle, and place a nail sized amount on the wick. Light the candle where the wick meets the wax, and you’re good to go! If you notice the flame getting a bit high, break off the burned parts of the wick to minimize the flame. Be sure to wait until the wick is cooled before doing this.

Q: Can you make your perfumes without coconut oil?

Q: Where is my order?

Absolutely! When you place your order, please send an email to with your request to have any of the listed oils eliminated, and we will do our very best to accommodate your needs.

Orders are processed on the next business day. Due to the nature of the products, orders are fulfilled between 5-10 business days. Orders are shipped overnight, and will be received the following business day. If your order is for gift purposes please reach out to, and we will try to get the order out prior to your requested date. Please remember, these are requests not guarantees, so please purchase with the expected 5-10 business days